High and Low (c) M. C. Escher
Colored version

High and Low
Maurits Cornelis Escher
lithograph, 1947
50.5 x 20.5 cm

The image on the main page a cropped version of a lithograph by Dutch artist M. C. Escher. What I wanted to accomplish was to make it visible as a masterpiece of beautiful drawing and construction, and take away the focus from the (to most people) more Escher-like surrealism shown at the complete piece of art, displayed on this page.

The lithograph is generally called High and Low in English (sometimes also Up and Down), Boven en Onder in Dutch and Oben und Unten in German.

Additionally the reproduction of the image on the main page is mirrored.

I created a colored version of it on the right side of this page.

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