fun stuff

"Warnung" (this is the German word for "warning", just imagine You walk on by there at midnight - better be careful) I shot the picture at Vienna's Central Cemetary - enter through entrance two, walk down the main street, righthand, after about 200m You can see it.

decorating the cat

hard disk partitioning data - this is an actual screenshot from free fdisk (Microsoft's fdisk always crashed on startup when checking the data)
the disk worked flawlessly (there were actually a working C: (10 GB) and D: (6 GB) drive, the overall size of the hd is 20 GB)

screenshot from Austrian television - the text reads "Helmut Kohl: again happy with his life" "after wife commited suicide"
(Helmut Kohl is a former German politician, his wife commited suicide a few years earlier - still, the way they put it makes it sound a bit ambiguous)

weirdest spam I've ever received - something tells me the target group for their product is rather narrow

Tilted soda can

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