I have been captured by magic tricks for a long time; from close-up magic multiplying sponge balls to large-scale illusions like David Copperfield's TV special where he made the Statue of Liberty disappear - the art of performing (and inventing) these illusions has always attracted me, and I've started to collect magic tricks (at least the smaller ones).

If You enjoy magic tricks as much as I do, please take a look at my collection! (And no, I'm not giving away the secrets!)

Parabox (Tenyo)
Bio Shock (Tenyo)
Antigravity Rock (Tenyo)
Rope to Silk (Tenyo)
Clean Cut (Tenyo/MB)
Misled (by Timothy Wenk) (pencil through bill penetration)
Psychic Pen, The (Tenyo)
Wandering Hole, The (Tenyo)
Invisible Zone, The (Tenyo/Marvin's Magic)
Magic Colors (color changing disks)
Dice Bomb
Trio-Würfel-Trick (taken out die re-appears in the dice box) (made in Germany)
Die-A-Bolic (Lubor Fiedler/Viennamagic)
Flash Dice (Tenyo/MB)
Phanto-Block (Tenyo)
Confined Cubes (Tenyo)
Squeeze Play (Die Magischen Platten) (Tenyo)
Messer durch Zigarette (knife through cigarette) (Future Magic)
Vanishing Cigarette - Stop Smoking (made in India)
Infinitum (cigarettes reappear in drawer) (Tenyo)
Crystal Cleaver (Tenyo/MB)
Prison Box (Tenyo)
Flash Printer Version III (Black Hat Magic)
Cigarette through Coin (20 Austrian Schilling coin, now obsolete due to Euro)
Quick Silver (Tenyo)
Dynamic Coins (Tenyo) (won't work with Euro coins)
Soft Coins (Tenyo/MB)
Superspike (renamed to Dark Dagger) (Tenyo/MB)
Eclipse (renamed to Double Vision) (Tenyo/MB)
Flash Silks (Chu's Magic, China)
Time Capsule (Tenyo)
Silk Serenade (Tenyo)
Crazy Spots (Tenyo)
Bill Slasher (Black Hat Magic)
Svengali Card Deck (Piatnik)
Appearing X' Card Deck (Piatnik)
Marked Stripper Deck (DeLand)
Floating match (my version: Sam's Magic Service, Calcutta)
Puzzling Queen (Tenyo)
Card Case (Tenyo)
Nostradamus Clock (Tenyo)
Finger Guillotine (2 versions)
Chinese (linking) Rings (Hopo Magic) (4 Rings)
Diamond Stick (Paddle Trick)
Matchbox Penetration (Herkules Zündhölzer)
Crazy Matchboxes
Cubio (copy of Tenyo's Cubio trick)
Golden Key (moving teeth)
Krazy Keys (Lubor Fiedler/Tenyo)
Ringbefreiungsschlüssel (Ring on Key - impossible to take apart by spectators)
Färbemesser (color changing knife)
Magiknife (viennamagic)
Mystery China Box (Tenyo) - video

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