Magic Colors (color changing disks)

Effect: Magician shows a white disk in one hand, and a black disk in the other hand. After closing and opening the hands, it appears as if the disks have changed positions - of course the audience will point out that the disks are black on one side and white on the other, making the effect of transportation a simple move of turning the disks over. So the magician puts both black sides together for a moment - after seperating the disks, the colors have changed. Same happens when putting both white sides together. Now the disks are red, green, blue and yellow - no trace of black or white sides at all.

Everything can be handed out for examination immediately.

Required Skills: self-working

Comment: great close-up trick; definitely a must-get for everyone interested in magic. Can be considered as an evolved version of Tenyo's 'Crazy Spots' trick.

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